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We asked Andrew about how he got his start and what he thinks the future has in store for him. The response we received was very genuine. It was very clear he was a very talented and dedicated husband, father, and deer hunter. From wildlife conservation to mentoring young men, Andrew is a true example of a Bold Buck.


Passion and Support System

As long as I can remember all I have wanted to do is hunt. Bow hunt white tail deer to be exact. I started shooting a bow when I was around 6 or 7 years old and killed my first buck with a bow when I was 15. Now at 30 years old I am a father and a husband while working a full time job averaging 70 hours a week. With my job comes a lot time away from home. I spend 2 weeks at a time away and 1 week at home. So balancing hunting, family, church, and work is no small feat. I can say with out the support of my wife none of this would be possible.

The passion I have for hunting goes beyond killing deer. The whole aspect of it is what I love. From the conservation and preservation to the preparation for the season. I enjoy teaching new hunters and learning new things myself. While learning new things is important to me, the thing I love more than that is sharing my knowledge with people new to hunting or shooting. This past year a friend and I took our passion to another level. We started an outdoors man ministry with our church. We cook out as well as fellowship all while teaching and guiding those who want to learn. To be able to help those that didn’t have the opportunities I did as a child or to those beginners that want to learn is a blessing. As my passion runs deep for hunting I started a clothing line and Trademark logo called Deer Assault Team. D.A.T. for short. It is a group of hunters that share the same passion for hunting as I do.

Hard Work

My preparation for the up coming season never ends. Throughout the off season I supply the deer with the proper nutrition they need for both antler growth and over all health. The minerals I give the deer come from my homemade, 100 percent natural mineral blocks. Along with preparing the deer with what they need, I also prepare myself for what I need to be successful. I spend any extra time I have shooting my bow, scouting new plots of land, reading hunting articles, and watching any “how to” videos I find helpful.


A few goals I have for myself is to harvest a bull elk with my bow. I chose Bold Buck Nutrition to help me prepare for the terrain and physical strain that it has in store for me. Another goal I have is to harvest a white tail buck in as many states as I can with a bow. I have been fortunate enough to kill bucks in 3 states so far. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Last but not least a goal of mine is to continue to learn new things that will make me a better hunter.


My training and diet go hand in hand. I have chosen to stick with Bold Buck’s recommended steak and eggs diet. Lots of protein with out consuming too much fat or carbohydrates. As far as training goes, I tend to stick to hiking the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. All while carrying a loaded hunting pack. These things combined with Bold Buck Nutrition make the possibilities endless.

Last, I am extremely honored and humbled to be sponsored by such a great company in Bold Buck Nutrition. It has given me more motivation to live a healthier lifestyle while pursuing my passion for bow hunting.

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