March 29, 2015

Today's article is going to be short and sweet. Its about a little known trick to help push carbohydrates into your muscles and not into fat cells.

Carbohydrates and Insulin

We all know that when you eat food, mainly  carbohydrates, it causes your body to produce an extr...

March 8, 2015

6-8 small meals a day. Eating every 2 hours. You have to keep that metabolic furnace burning right? Well, maybe not. Science is now showing us that this accepted "truth" about nutrition might not be so great after all. Think about this for a second. What other animals...

March 4, 2015

Today we are going to take a look at a plant that has flown under the radar for far to long.  Its called polypodium vulgare and it has been used for thousands of years for a multitude of things. Other common names include common polypody, rock polypody, and rock cap fe...

March 2, 2015

The guy hogging up all the benches in the gym. That girl talking obnoxiously loud on her cell phone. The guy with 20 items in the 10 items of less line. You feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Your face is getting hot. You have had it!

Yep. We have all been...

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Steak and eggs Bold Buck style. The ultimate testosterone booster diet

February 18, 2015

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