Nicole Kitta
Figure Competitor and Dominant Doe

Helping people and animals alike

Nicole is a tough girl to get an interview with. Not only is she a competitive fitness model, she also works a very demanding job as a veterinary technician. We asked Nicole to give us a quick rundown on how she got started and what her mission was.


“I started my fitness journey several years ago when I was in college. I always was a ‘bigger’ girl since I played sports my entire life. It wasn’t until I was living in Pittsburgh and was eating the normal college kid diet where I actually saw my body and was unhappy with how I looked. I was cutting the tops of my jeans so I wouldn’t have a muffin top and to make them fit more loose”


Support System


“I joined a gym at the apartment complex I was living at and started my days at 5 am on the treadmill. It took me almost two years to lose over 40 pounds and I started feeling great about myself again. I met my husband in 2011 and he introduced me to weight training. We would spend several hours in the gym together with him teaching me different movements and educating me on form and what movement works what muscle and its importance to the body. I started seeing my body grow and transform, and I felt beautiful and sexy. After my husband competed in the Pittsburgh pro in May 2014, I saw all these amazing women who embraced their bodies and looked awesome and confident and I said to myself that will be me one day! The very next day I met with the owner our local supplement shop (Trevor at TGB supplements)and we worked out a diet and workout plan for myself as well as him educating me of proper nutrition and what your body needs for the goals you are trying to receive”




“After a year of planning and training the time came to start prepping for the Pittsburgh pro and Mid Atlantic Cup (both in May 2015). I worked with my coach for 20 weeks to get myself comfortable posing and with my prep diet. When I reached the time that I stepped on stage it felt so natural and a lot of fun! I reached my goal of becoming a Figure Competitor and I placed 7th in the Pittsburgh pro for the Novice Figure division and 5th two weeks later in the Mid Atlantic”




“I am still moving forward to continue to compete and better myself. My ultimate goal would be to help as many women and girls as I can to motivate them to embrace their bodies and love the skin they are in. Every woman is beautiful and shouldn’t have to feel that they have to be a size 0 to feel beautiful and there are more role models out there for them other than the unrealistic expectations that we see in the magazines”

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Nicole Kitta (Newman)

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