Signs your testosterone may need a boost

Are You Tired?

Trouble getting out of bed in the morning?

Hitting the snooze button multiple times?

Just can't seem to get going no matter how much coffee you drink?

Feel like you need a nap in the middle of the day?

Low Sex Drive?

Are you losing your desire to have sex?

Are you having issues getting or maintaining an erection?

Does your semen volume seem low?

Wife / Girlfriend starting to notice your performance issues?

Cant Get Rid OF Fat? (especially belly fat)

No matter how much cardio or dieting you do fat just wont come off?

Do you have fat around your love handles and lower back?

Do you diet hard and still don't see the fat loss results you should?

Losing Muscle?

Are you weaker?

Do your arms look less defined than they used to?


Do you get extremely sore after workouts or a long day at work?

Are you getting fatigued doing the usual things like push mowing or tilling the garden?

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Don't Worry Boys

Bold Buck got you covered

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Get Your Swag Back

The first thing you'll notice is your affect on the ladies. Whether it's the way you carry yourself or having more confidence in the bedroom. Savage Rut gets the job done. 

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Do The Things You Love

When your testosterone is low getting out of bed can be hard. Savage Rut will have you back doing the things you enjoy most. Whether is stalking that big buck in the country or working on the motorcycle in the garage.

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Lose That Gut

Having low testosterone makes losing body fat almost impossible. With Savage Rut you will kick your metabolism into overdrive. Couple this with your new energy levels and workouts will become enjoyable again.


Estrogen is killing you!

Fight back with Savage Rut's proven estrogen fighting ingredient, CHRYSIN. This flavonoid attacks the aromatase enzyme. This enzyme is what's turning your hard earned testosterone into estrogen!

Features and Answered Questions

Is Savage Rut for everyone?

No. Savage Rut is not for everyone. Women should not take Savage Rut. Men under 18 should not take savage rut as well. This is designed to help fully grown men naturally raise testosterone.

Do I have to cycle off of Savage Rut?

No. unlike some testosterone boosters Savage Rut is designed to help raise your natural testosterone levels and then help maintain them while you continue taking it.

How does Savage Rut help raise my testosterone?

2 ways. 1. Savage Rut contains vitamins, minerals, and natural herbs that have been shown to help increase testosterone in men. 2. Savage Rut contains a flavonoid called Chrysin that is a natural aromatase inhibitor. By lowering the estrogen in your body your testosterone levels by exchange go up!

Will Savage Rut make me fail school or work drug tests?

No. Savage Rut contains legal all natural ingredients that will not cause a failed drug/steroid test. Your body will simply be making more testosterone on its own.

My testicles are sore. Is this normal?

Some customers report slightly sore testicles for a few days while taking Savage Rut. It varies in length and intensity for everyone. And not everyone gets it. This may be caused by your testicles producing more semen and ramping up testosterone production.

Will Savage Rut lower my estrogen?

Savage Rut contains a natural flavonoid that will help lower aromatisation in a mans body. This simply means it stops the aromatase enyzme from converting testosterone into estrogen. Thus raising testosterone levels even higher.

What are the side effects of Savage Rut?

You should feel very little in the way of negative side effects with Savage Rut. Some men report: mild insomnia slightly elevated blood pressure (for a short period) random erections Stomach ache (when taken on an empty stomach) Mild acne (rare) Thicker Hair While these are uncommon you should always check with your doctor before starting a supplment regiment. If you experience any unpleasant side effects simply stop taking Savage Rut. You can start again but try to half your dosage and see how you feel.

How do I take Savage Rut?

Savage Rut should be taken 1 capsule morning, afternoon, and in the evening. 3 capsules per day total. Once you know how your body reacts to Savage Rut you can try the extreme libido dose. Savage Rut is different from other testosterone boosters in that it can be used an hour before sex to really stimulate your libido. Do not exceed 6 capsules in a 24 hour period. Warning: Please take your time to really get to know how your body reacts to Savage Rut. Our suggestion is to always take with food. We also reccomend only doing an extreme libido boost dose 3x per week maximum.

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