The only real way to get Abs. Bold Buck Style

So you want 6 packs abs? That's great, so do 99% of people. If they are so popular then why doesn't everyone have them? Well, wanting abs is a lot different than actually building them. In today's discussion we are going to look at fool proof ways to get the abs you always wanted. We get straight to the point. No BS or fluff. Lets begin.

First, a little anatomy

Your abdominal area is made up of far more than your "six pack" .

As you can see the rectus abdominis are your visible six pack abs. But the other muscle groups (also known as your "core") are just as important if not more important to building a flat, toned, ripped set of abs.

The abs are not "different" muscles

You will sometimes hear people say you need to "burn" your ab muscles. What these people really mean is a ton of high repetition movements with little or no weight. We aren't really sure where this myth came from. Your abdominals are muscles just like any other in your body. So, your abs need to be worked like every other muscle in the body to grow. This means, you guessed it, low to medium rep with heavy weight. And no, these aren't your typical ab exercises. Actually, only 1 is a true ab exercise. The other 2 are core compound exercises that release explosive amounts of testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) into your blood stream.

Squats and abs

When it comes to exercises there are 2 kings. The first is squats. This exercise terrifies people to no end. It does look intimidating at first. But when you realize how safe and effective it is, how could you not do them? Squats are primarily thought of as leg exercises. While the legs do play a major part you need to look at the big picture.

The amount of stress squats put on your body is insane. When your nervous and endocrine system realize what your body is going through they immediately spring into action. Your pituitary gland at the base of your brain floods your system with body nourishing growth hormone. This alone is one of the main reasons to do squats. Your body also signals your adrenal glands and testes to release more testosterone. a true 1-2 punch testosterone booster.

Not only do squats help build your anabolic hormones it is also great for building truly amazing abs. Even though most of the stress is felt in the legs, your entire body is worked during a squat. This is especially true for your core. When you have a strong core (the muscles under your six pack) it makes the top layer look better. If you just do sit up, crunches, and roller wheel exercises your abs will look oddly shaped. If you want good symmetry abs you must do squats.

Deadlifts and abs

The second king of exercises is the deadlift. Just like the squat many people avoid this movement like the plague. Some claim you could injure your back. This couldn't be further from the truth. When done correctly this will strengthen your core and back muscles. Do you know what really prevents back injury's? A strong back.

Again, just like squats, deadlifts put a lot of stress on the body. And , just like squats, your body reacts the same way. By releasing a ton of extra HGH and testosterone. Not only that but your abs carry a heavy workload during this exercise. This further strengthens your core and makes your abs look more defined.

Vacuums. The only true ab exercise you


The stomach vacuum originated as an ancient yoga technique. By the 1950's body builders were using this exercise to build amazing abs. This exercise couldn't be simpler to do. That is what makes it so amazing. You can literally do it anywhere. The put it simply, you exhale all of your air and suck in your stomach as tight as you can for 10-30 seconds. You want to make it feel like your trying to push your belly button through your spine. After a few sets of these bad boys and you'll definitely be out of breathe.

The main and truly ONLY way to get ripped abs

Now exercising your abs is a great way to build them. But what good is having chiseled abs if you can't see them?

Diet. Being a low body fat % is the only way to ever truly have great abs. You must be under 12-10% body fat to see your abs. You can do vacuums, squats, and deadlifts all day long but if your diet and nutrition isn't on point then say goodbye to abs. A great way to get down to your ideal body fat % is to follow Bold Buck's nutrition guidelines. If you want to blast your way to abs as quickly as possible, you could try our Steak and Eggs diet Bold Buck Style. This will exponentially speed up your ripped abs goal.

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