Testosterone and Aggression

The guy hogging up all the benches in the gym. That girl talking obnoxiously loud on her cell phone. The guy with 20 items in the 10 items of less line. You feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Your face is getting hot. You have had it!

Yep. We have all been there. The thing is, we each handle these situations differently. Today we are going to take a look at testosterone and aggression.

A Clear difference between anger and aggression

Now you may think that anger and aggression are the same thing. They are closely intertwined but they are definitively different. Anger is a natural emotion when we feel threatened. Whether it be our personal space, a threat to our loved ones, or a threat to our property. Lets take a look at a situation.

A woman comes from a low income family. She plays sports in school and study's hard. She gets a full scholarship to a good school. She graduates college with top honors and begins climbing the corporate ladder. She is killing it everyday at work. She takes the jobs no one else will do. She arrives early and stays late. She gets promotion after promotion and will stop at nothing until she reaches the top. Shes calm and focused, ready to take on the next challenge.

Now, does this woman seem angry to you? No. Quite the opposite actually. She is aggressive. You don't have to be angry to be aggressive. Aggression gets things done. Aggression pushes you through boundaries. It's aggression that helps you not quit when times are tough. This example works both ways. She could have been angry about her upbringing. She could have said no to sports and studying and just been angry about why other people are getting ahead. She could just drift through life being angry about everything and never really done anything about it. As you can see, someone can have a lot of anger and basically not be aggressive at all.

Now that we have made this distinction lets move on to testosterone's roll in aggression.

Testosterone and Aggression

There is a clear link between testosterone and aggression. You don't need any fancy tests or flow charts to show you this. Just look around. People, overwhelmingly men, with higher testosterone are naturally more aggressive.

In a recent study , a group of individuals were told to look at colored face masks of men and woman. The masks had very small differences that made them look happy, neutral, or angry.

Participants were given different medications to take. Half were placebo and half were testosterone. When the scientists changed the color of the masks the group was asked to look at a circle that was the same color below the mask. Subjects that had received testosterone looked away from the angry masks more slowly than from the happy or neutral masks. As if to stare down the angry face. Pretty aggressive. The participants who received placebo did not do this.

None of the people could remember recognizing any masks as having a specific facial expression. And none of the subjects reported having any mood changes after taking the medication. This study is an eye opener in the fact that testosterone is thought to be a conscious mechanism of aggression. This study points to testosterone as leading to subconscious aggression. The same way animals do. This suggests that testosterone could make people with higher levels naturally more aggressive and dominant without them even realizing it. Full Study Here

This study shows a clear link between testosterone and aggression. It shows study's of prisoners, boys at puberty, and even woman.

How to use aggression and even anger to your advantage

Do you think America would be the great country it is today without aggression? If we just sat back and just asked for our freedoms? Hell no! How about getting a promotion at work? If you just sat back and did your work like a good little worker bee. Letting everyone else move past you? What about in the gym? You think you can squat 400 pounds without getting your head right? Getting psyched up and maybe even angry at the weights?

The truth is the world needs testosterone and aggression. That is how wars are won, family's are defended, and food is put on the table. The next time you feel like your getting the wrong end of the stick, do something about it. Be Aggressive. Want to put that weight up? Get pumped up and lift it. Want that promotion at work or to start your own business? Get intense. Start doing what others are not. Start rocking the boat a little. Don't get sad because someone beat you at the marathon. Use it to train harder.

Having trouble being aggressive?

Maybe your testosterone is low. Go to the doctor and get it checked. But before jumping on the trt bandwagon, look at natural ways of elevating your testosterone levels. Eat a testosterone boosting diet of high saturated fat and cut out all the testosterone killing grains. Lift for testosterone production. Or take an all natural testosterone booster. Whichever way you decide to raise your game to the next level remember to do it smart. Don't just fly off the handle at everyone looking at you funny. Act like a chess master. Plotting your moves until you set yourself up for success.

Until next time

Stay Dominant,

Bold Buck Nutrition

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