Carbs and Insulin life hack. How to get into ketosis and build muscle

Today's article is going to be short and sweet. Its about a little known trick to help push carbohydrates into your muscles and not into fat cells.

Carbohydrates and Insulin

We all know that when you eat food, mainly carbohydrates, it causes your body to produce an extremely potent hormone called insulin. Your body breaks down food into a lot of substances, one of which is glucose, or blood sugar. Insulin tells your liver, muscles, and fat tissue to take the glucose from the blood and store it. Your liver and muscles store the glucose as glycogen, and your fat cells store it as triglycerides, aka more fat.

Ideally, we want our bodies to only push glucose into our muscles and liver to be used in intense weight training workouts. This builds more muscle, which burns more calories, which causes more fat loss...yada yada yada. A great thing right!? Unfortunately, most people in america are what we refer to as "Insulin resistant". You see, our life style of eating breakfast immediately upon waking, and continuing to eat throughout the day has destroyed our bodies ability to use insulin effectively. The constant intake of food causes insulin to be released around the clock. This means our bodies need to create even more to "convince" our muscles and liver to intake nutrients. So what can we do about it? I'm glad you asked

Three Major ways to become more insulin sensitive

Stop eating constantly

2-3 meals a day TOPS, only 1 if you are really committed to increasing insulin sensitivity

Stop eating breakfast

When you eat immediately upon waking you are ruining any chance of your body becoming insulin sensitive. You have your highest levels of cortisol levels when you wake up. Cortisol is the enemy of insulin. It counteracts everything insulin is trying to do. So when you eat breakfast, your body needs to produce more insulin to overcome the cortisol. Not good.

Weight train with heavy weights

This is self explanatory. When you weight train, you use all of the glycogen in your liver and muscles. By doing this, blood sugar actually has somewhere to go when its in your blood stream. Not to mention the HGH and testosterone release from heavy compound exercises play a major role in insulin response.

Insulin life hack

Now, here is a little trick to further help your bodies insulin response and make sure your muscles are full. Before eating your meals take 2 Grams of cinnamon extract ( they usually come in 500mg pills) and 2 Ultra Sugar Aid pills. These two supplements work wonders if you are trying to trim your waistline.

The best way for your body to burn fat is to enter a ketogenic state. This is when your body uses fat as its primary fuel source. I'm not going to go into an entire discussion about ketosis but some of the major benefits are:

  • Fat loss (sometimes extreme, depending on training and calorie intake)

  • Clear mind (Your brains actually prefers ketones (fat) as a primary fuel source)

  • Muscle sparing (Your body is using fat for fuel so it doesn't look to break down muscle into glycogen to get energy)

Cinnamon has been shown in several human studies to greatly increase insulin sensitivity. You can get generic cinnamon supplements anywhere. Its cheap to produce so most of them are pretty similar in quality. Next comes the Ultra Sugar Aid. You can get this supplement from Vitamin world or amazon. (neither of those are affiliate links, we dont make money from people clicking our links :D) This little baby really helps control your blood sugar. When taken before a meal it really aids in making sure insulin pushes glucose into the liver and muscles where it belongs.

Bonus Tip*

You can use cinnamon and ultra sugar aid to help get into ketosis faster. When taken with no food it drops blood sugar. In normal people, the body responds by using glycogen from the liver and muscles as fuel. If your fasting and do this, it will quickly use up all of your bodies glycogen. Make your very next meal a 90% fat 10% protein meal. May we suggest steak and eggs cooked in butter? Your body should quickly begin trying to convert into a ketogenic state to take advantage of all the brain boosting fat you just ingested. BOOM! the next morning, if everything goes to plan, your body should be melting fat off your body for fuel.


What we can see is, carbohydrates can be used as a tool to build a ton of quality muscle mass. That is, if you use the tool the right way. Please consult your doc and possibly get some blood work done before attempting this. If you are diabetic, this could have serious consequences. Even if you aren't diabetic be sure you know your body. A blood test is an excellent guide to seeing where you stand.