Walking to get strong. One simple trick with amazing rewards

Walking. That's right, walking. It's a simple thing that many people take for granted. Today we are going to turn a simple walk into a muscle and strength building exercise.

Simplicity is magic

Today people need the latest and greatest workout routines to get into shape. They think if they read a muscle magazine and get a 25 exercise training split that somehow they will make better gains. I'm here to tell you that is BULLSHIT. The truth is you can do the same exercises every single day and your muscles will respond the same way. Your brain is the biggest obstacle when it comes to training. You don't need muscle confusion to make them grow. You simply need to put in the work.

Think about it. When you do a simple bench press your working your entire pectoral muscle. You can do 12 sets of bench press and it will be the same as doing 4 sets of flat bench, 4 sets of dumbbell flys, and 4 sets of dips. The only difference is the other muscle groups that aid in the exercise. Your pecs still get the same work more or less. I know I know. I'm going to get emails from people stating the opposite, but Bold Buck Nutrition has always been about the straight talk, no bull answers. And the fact is, you don't need to do 100 variations of an exercise to get your muscles to grow. You simply don't.

What really matters is the weight on the bar. As long as the weight goes up, your building muscle. Plain and simple. Do flat bench every day if you want. keep adding weight and your chest will develop. Now, this is effective, but its boring. This is the main reason to switch things up. To keep your workouts interesting. Not for muscle development. Which brings me to my next point...


We all do it every single day. Our bodies are so used to it that simple walking won't develop much if any muscle mass. But what if we "add weight to the bar" so to speak.

Grab some plates and lets go for a walk. Start off small. Grab 25lb plates and just go for a walk. After a few minutes you will notice sweat beads on your forehead. Your forearms start to swell and hurt. Your breathing gets faster and deeper. Viola! You have now performed a Farmers Walk. Simple? Yes. Boring? Maybe. Effective? Hell yes!

Lets step it up a bit. Grab 45lb plates and walk. after 50 yards you should be feeling it. If you can make it 100 yards your forearms must be screaming. Do 4 sets of 100 yards down and 100 yards back. After a couple weeks your forearms and shoulders will be veiny boulders. If you can do the entire 200 yards without putting down the weights to rest its times to up the weight. You can use dumbbells instead of plates or even make or buy Farmers Walk handles like these:

Have you ever met a farmer that wasn't strong as hell? Me either.

Until next time

Stay Dominant,

Bold Buck Nutrition™

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