Why woman should lift weights. Bold Buck Edition

Girls should lift weights. You ever hear girls say "I don't want huge muscles like guys get so I'm not going to lift weights" or "why would I lift weights to look like a male Body builder"?

Fact: They Can't It is impossible (unless taking steroids) for woman to get huge bulky muscles like men.


Simple. Testosterone! Woman don't have enough in their bodies to build muscles like men do. Still, so many woman will steer clear of the weights. When they need to realize how beneficial it is to them.

So why lift weights then?

- First and foremost it shapes your muscles. Giving you a more tone, tight body!

- Also it is proven to increase your energy and improve your sleeping patterns. Easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake refreshed.

- It's a huge stress relief! Take that stress and frustration out on the weights.

- Weight training has a huge benefit for bones, and helps fight against osteoporosis. Woman are at much higher risk for this as they age. So building a stronger skeletal structure through weight lifting will Increase your muscle density will help prevent Osteoporosis.

One of the biggest benefits of weight lifting is fat burning. Not only are you burning fat while working out but after working out you continue to burn fat. How cool is that and how is that possible?

4 letters: EPOC - Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Or simply put, the more intense the work out the more your body needs to consume oxygen afterwards.

So Ladies, Of course You still need your Cardio and yoga. They will always have their own special place in your heart ( or gym). But strength training is also an awesome way to ramp up that weight loss, fit better into those jeans, and impress those guys at the gym.

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