Bold Buck Nutrition Logo, Can You Spot The Image?

Hello Bold Buck Nation!

It has been brought to our attention that there are many bold buck fans who still don't "get" our logo. Many think our logo looks like an alien deer head. "Alien? How could this be?" we thought. It was then pointed out to us that our logo had been so well made that the true "image" had been hidden. Prepare to have you minds blown! (Maybe not blown but the reactions from people who didn't see it before are priceless)

Update: We have decided to rebrand and update our logo. The image should be very clear now.

Exhibit A

One of the greatest Mr. Olympia contenders of all time. Ronnie Coleman. It is fitting that we use him for this illustration. Look at those muscles.

Exhibit B

Our logo, in all its glory. Notice anything similar in the two pictures? Nothing? Still!? Ok, lets try this.

See it now?!