10 Facts About Supplements Everyone Should Know

Everyone loves supplements. And why wouldn’t they? Over the counter magic pills that can help you instantly attain your fitness and nutrition goals? We are here to share some tips on supplements everyone should know.

1. Supplements do not replace bad habits

When someone begins a new diet and exercise program, the first thing they think they need to do is buy some supplements. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is this wrong, it can really hurt your progress. People tend to use supplements as a crutch. They think if they are taking a fat burner they can cheat on their diet. Or if they are using a protein supplement that they don’t have to consume quality sources of protein. Supplements should only be considered after training and diet are completely dialed in.

2.Supplements are not prescription drugs

As far as the FDA is concerned supplements are considered food. They have not been tested in clinical trials and approved for medical use. If you are using supplements in place of prescription drugs, consult your physician immediately. Real diseases require real medicine.

3.Not all supplements are safe for everyone

Depending on your specific body, some supplements can actually pose serious health risks. Some supplements contain nuts, milk, eggs, and other allergens. Supplements can also contain ingredients some people may be extremely sensitive to, like stimulants. Check the label and consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

4.Most supplements take time to work

Most supplements contain natural ingredients that take time to have a full effect on the body. If you are deficient in certain vitamins it could take weeks or months before you see real improvement. If you are taking a quality supplement, give it a chance to work.

5.Supplements can have serious interaction with each other

Supplements, especially stimulant based, can often have interaction with each other. Be sure to check the label to make sure you are not taking too much of a certain ingredient. Certain herbs should also be checked for compatibility.

6.Supplements can have serious interactions with prescription drugs

Extreme caution should be used when taking supplements with prescription drugs. You should always talk to your doctor before starting any supplement regiment. This is especially true when taking a prescription. For example, St. Johns Wart and antidepressants can cause a buildup of serotonin and cause serious issues.

7.Just because the ingredients are natural doesn’t mean they are safe

A lot of prescription drugs are derived from natural sources. Supplements can cause serious damage given the situation. The word natural does not automatically mean safe. Things like allergic reactions, vitamin overloads, and drug interactions are extremely serious. Do not confuse the words natural and safe.

8.Where the supplement is made matters

If a supplement is not made in a country or a facility that cares about safety standards, you could be in real trouble. We do not recommend taking a supplement that is not made in the U.S.A. The United States has very strict safety institutions and guidelines. This is especially true when it comes to food and drugs. While the FDA does not approve supplements, they can approve guidelines for manufacturers. Be sure your supplements were made in an FDA approved facility using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Some countries do not test for things like lead and rat droppings in their ingredients before producing supplements. Do your research to find out where exactly your supplement was made.

9.Not all ingredients are the same

Most natural ingredients can take many forms. For example ginger can be made in the form on ginger root powder, ginger root liquid, ginger root liquid extract, and ginger root extract powder. Not only can they come in different forms, but they also come with different standardization's. Ginger standardization's can come in anywhere from 1-20% ginerols (the active ingredient in ginger). The higher the percentage, the more active ingredient is in the product. So a product made from 20% standardized ginger is going to be much higher quality than a supplement with ginger root powder.

10.Supplements are not miracle compounds

Supplement companies make many claims about their products. But some claims are extraordinary. If you see a supplement claiming miracle benefits stay far away. When used correctly supplements can be a great addition to your training and nutrition program. But they can’t do everything. It’s important to have realistic expectations when supplementing. Do not get discouraged if a supplement only does what it’s supposed to do, supplement a well-rounded program.

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