13 Must read tips on how to start using supplements

Many people who start out on their fitness journey want to immediately jump into supplements. And it’s easy to see why. A lot of supplements make large claims offering fast results in a very small amount of time. We are here to help you make a proper informed decision on when to introduce supplements into your diet and exercise program.

1. Always check with you healthcare professional

Before taking any supplement always check with your doctor. Get all the necessary health screenings, checkups, blood work, and anything else that might show conditions that supplementing might make worse. Just because you can buy them over the counter doesn’t make them safe for everyone. You may be allergic to ingredients within the supplement or the supplement may be manufactured in the same plant as the compounds you're allergic to. You only have one body. Take this recommendation seriously.

2. Make sure your diet and exercise plan is solid

They are called “supplements” for a reason. They are meant to supplement a very solid diet and exercise program. Supplements do not make up for bad life choices. Be sure your diet is well planned and thought out. Also make sure you exercise routine is extremely solid as well. If you begin supplementing before these two critical points are solid, you are setting yourself up for failure. Get the big things right first.

3. Be sure the supplement doesn’t contain ingredients that you can’t tolerate.

Safety should be the top concern when using any supplement. Check the ingredients to be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are sensitive to stimulants check and see if there is caffeine or other stimulants in the supplement. Always do your due diligence when looking to purchase supplements.

4. Is the supplement made in a FDA approved and GMP labeled facility?

The FDA doesn’t specifically approve supplements as technically supplements are considered food. But facilities can and should be registered with the FDA. You can be sure if a facility is registered with the FDA they are following all the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) that produce a quality product.

5. Is the supplement made in the U.S.A.?

Now, we aren’t hating on other countries, but let’s face it, America is the best. We produce the best, safest, and highest quality products in the world. So when looking at supplements look for where it is made. If it’s made in china or any other country that approves of child labor and cheap safety standards stay FAR AWAY.

6. Does the label make extremely outlandish claims?

Supplements can make reasonable claims based on scientific evidence. But if the claims are extremely outlandish be leery. If a fat loss supplement says you can burn pounds of fat in days, you can be sure it doesn’t.

7.Does the label say it cures a disease?

The FDA strictly forbids supplement companies to make claims regarding diseases. If a supplement is making claims that say “helps reverse heart disease” then they are soon to be in a lot of trouble. You don’t want to purchase supplements from a company that does this.

8. Does the company have some kind of brand recognition? (website, social media, etc)

Most legit companies (even small family run ones) will have some sort of web presence. It can be something simple as a standard website or a Facebook page. If you cannot find any information about the company producing the supplement, stay away.

9. Is the bottle sealed properly?

When you get a supplement it should be completely sealed. Some caps pull the seal off of the bottle when you open it. You should hear the seal break when you open it. If the bottle is not sealed properly do not take it. Send it back immediately.

10. Does it have an expiration date clearly printed and within date?

The FDA requires expiration dates be clearly printed on supplement packaging. If you cannot easily find the expiration date or it is out of date return the product immediately.

11. Does the company offer a solid satisfaction guarantee?

A reputable company understands not everyone will respond well to their supplements. This is why most good companies offer money back guarantees. Some shady companies will make it almost impossible to get a refund by making absurd return procedures. If the company is making you jump through a ton of hoops to get your money back then stay away. Companies like Bold Buck Nutrition ™ offer an unbea