Steak and eggs Bold Buck style. The ultimate testosterone booster diet

Today we are going show you something that can and will change your life forever. It’s not complicated and we didn’t think of it, and its been around for decades. It’s simple: Steak and Eggs.

BUT! (here’s the twist) It’s designed to MAXIMIZE this diets effectiveness.

People tend to over complicate things

Dieters have been searching for the latest and greatest fad diets for many years. What they tend to forget is as far as weight loss goes it is very simple. Calories in < Calories out. Now that being said, there are ways to maximize body composition while losing weight. Ideally you want to lose pure body fat and if possible maintain as much muscle mass as possible. If you could do this while optimizing hormones such as testosterone and HGH would you do it? Well, there just so happens to be a very simple way to do this. A word of caution, Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean its easy. Its actually pretty difficult.

Steak and eggs. Bold Buck Style!

Intermittent fasting is quickly becoming the new “thing” in dieting, and for good reason. There are a number of scientifically proven ways that intermittent fasting helps not only lose fat but increase overall health.

  • It maximizes fat burning

  • It lowers blood glucose levels and inulin resistance

  • It is an amazing testosterone booster

  • It increases HGH production (By up to 2000%)

  • It helps your brain function better

  • It helps your body detox

  • It simplifies your life

Now, there are several different ways to fast. Some are easier than others for certain people. All have there benefits and downsides. But one in particular we believe maximizes intermittent fasting’s core benefits. It’s known as “Warrior” fasting. You can read more about the unmodified version here. The difference between the original Warrior Diet and our Bold Buck style is snacking. In the original version the creator, Ori Hofmekler, allows for small snacks (under a few hundred calories) through out the day. He refers to it as the “under eating phase”. At night you are allowed a 4 hour eating window where you eat basically whatever you want.

In this modified version there is no 4 hour window. There is simply 1 meal that gives you all of your calories for the day. Now this is one hell of a meal. It consists of enough steak and eggs cooked in butter to either help you lose, gain, or maintain your weight. But counting calories is not part of the deal here. Just eat until your full. That’s it! your body knows what you need and as long as you eat steak and eggs cooked in butter (you need the extra fat and calories from butter) you will reach homeostasis. If your overweight, your body will literally shed fat. It truly is incredible how much pure body fat you can lose eating this way. Even if you aren’t fat, this diet will cut you up and make your testosterone and HGH levels go sky high!

lets go over the rules just to be crystal clear.

  1. Eat only 1 meal a day. No snacking whatsoever

  2. This meal will only contain steak and eggs cooked in butter. *Steak is ideal but hamburger is cheap and it works just as good.

  3. Eat as much as you want until full. Don’t skimp on the butter or steak/hamburger fat

  4. Water to drink. At least a gallon a day

  5. Eat like this for 6 days. On the 7th eat whatever you want. No limits

Isn’t this diet unhealthy?

Absolutely not. Actually, for men in particular, this diet will make you healthier than you have ever been in your entire life. The reason this way of eating is such a potent testosterone booster is because of saturated fat and fasting benefits. Eating eggs and red meat can actually lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. Cholesterol is a precursor to many hormones including testosterone. Which means without it your body would not be able to create testosterone. Also steak, eggs, and butter have more than enough vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

Remember the benefits of fasting? Eating this way while fasting puts your body into a ketogenic state. This means it burns fat as its primary source of fuel. This means pounds of fat will melt off quickly (as in days and weeks, not months). Also your HGH production will go up 2000% if you fast for 24 hours. It also lowers insulin and estrogen while increasing dopamine levels. Talk about an insane testosterone booster.

As if that wasn’t enough. Fasting also helps your body rid its cells of toxins. The process is called autophagy, and it boosts testosterone as well. Autophagy is basically your cells taking out the garbage. When your eating every 3 hours your cells have a harder time doing this. Giving them 24 hours to clean up makes it extremely efficient. You can see the scientific evidence of fasting induced autophagy here.

Think about who gains from you eating 6 times a day

We have been indoctrinated into believing low fat diets that feed you every 3 hours is healthy. Think about that for a second. Who stands to gain from everyone eating this way? If we eat every 3 hours we eat more. Which means we buy more groceries. If we eat low fat, we are hungry more often. So we buy even more groceries. If we eat all the low fat garbage and get fat and sick who benefits? Supplement companies, doctors, big pharma, large grocery stores, the list goes on. The last thing they want is a nation full of fit, testosterone filled men getting things done. All of a sudden big corporations start seeing there low testosterone worker bees become full of life and drive to be better. These men quit to start there own businesses. Or start doing there job better than there bosses and throw everything upside down.

No! we can’t have it that way. Keep them eating, keep them sick, keep them chasing the next fad.

This is who benefits. Open your eyes. Science now tells us fat is good. Eating every few hours is the enemy. And big corporations who pray on the weak are the enemy. Once you start not eating so much your brain will be so clear. You will be asking yourself why you never did this sooner.

Until next time