Tim Tyson
Bodybuilder and Weight Lifter

Instagram: @TD.Tyson

Check out Tim’s great placing at the 2016 NPC Lehigh Valley Championships


Inspired by Greatness

Tim is a 27 year old bodybuilder currently competing in the NPC. He began weight training at a young age. Inspired by action movie stars such Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Van Damme. Playing high school football is where he first developed a training schedule and meal plan. Although he was only a halfback weighing 160 lbs, he was one of the strongest players on the team. After high school he joined a local Golds gym. After hearing about power lifting meet being held at York Barbell that weekend he decided to attend. Power lifting became his new passion, breaking IPA squat, bench, dead lift and total records in the junior division. Although power lifting was a fun and challenging sport, he still wanted to be a bodybuilder. He took time off from power lifting to change his training and diet back to bodybuilding. This past fall he finally competed in his first bodybuilding show taking second place at the 2015 Northern USA championship. Working hard and improving in the off season, he hopes to take a first place finish at the Lehigh Valley championships this spring.




“The 2016 Lehigh valley championship will be my second bodybuilding show ever. That being said, I am new in the sport but I’m learning and getting more experience every day. I hope to be able to compete on the national level soon and win a pro card.”


Support System


“My biggest supporters are my fellow competitors. We push each other to reach our full potential.”




“Nutrition is the most important part of training program. I eat a clean meal plan year around, consisting of small balanced meals throughout the day. I get my protein, carbohydrates and fats from all different sources. Some of my favorites are chicken, lean beef, egg whites, rice, oatmeal and any green fibrous vegetable. Mixing things up ensures that I get all the nutrients my body needs to recover from workouts”




“I have many different styles of training, each hits the body differently and one is not better than the other. Ask yourself “what is the goal of my workout?” “What do I want to achieve and how can I get it done?” As a bodybuilder my goal is to effectively work specific muscle groups so that they develop. As an athlete my goal is to complete my training injury free. With these 2 as my focus I begin my work to build my physique.“

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Tim Tyson

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